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        Verifying IELTS results

        IELTS Results Verification Service

        By accepting IELTS results, you will be given access to the IELTS Results Verification Service. It is secure, simple to use, free of charge, and allows you to: 

        • verify test takers’ results by checking that the results you receive match the results on the IELTS database
        • check your applicants’ photo ID against their test day photo
        • download test takers’ results fast and easily, and in bulk to save you time.

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        Find out more about the benefits of accepting IELTS results and how to register your organization to use the IELTS Results Verification Service.

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        I was able to log in, download the scores and forward them to our admissions team. This has really helped us speed up the application process. Love it!

        Rajesh AdhikariRamapo College of New Jersey

        As part of our assessment process, all IELTS reports are verified. Access to this site has enabled us to ensure that the IELTS results we receive are genuine. Recently, we immediately refused, without further processing, two applications where the Results Verification Service identified the IELTS reports fraudulent. The website is very user friendly and I would recommend it to anyone who assesses English ability using IELTS.

        Julianne O'Brien, Client ManagerSkilled and Business Migration Program

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        Our IELTS guides provide an overview of test development, assessment and score processing for educational institutions, professional bodies and employers.